Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Say Cheese!

Hooray!  In the mail yesterday, we received beautiful prints of Nash in his hanbok!  We couldn't be more grateful for these pictures and can't wait to display them in our house.  He must really love his hanbok, these are the first pictures we have of him smiling.  I'm obsessed with his teeth or carrot eaters (as my hubby calls them).  At this moment, life is good.

I just love the colors!  FM has good fashion sense.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old McNash Had a Farm...

This weekend, we put together Nash's 4th care package.  I think now that he is 1, he no longer goes in for monthly check-ups at the adoption agency in Korea.  So, that means, the next time he visits to pick up his packages will be September.  I bought these items for his care package about a month ago, I hope he can still get use of the shorts.  Oh, I can't believe this is the first Twin's item we've sent!  I just thought these little farm animals were so cute.  The heads and the legs can be twisted and moved.  The best part, they are small and I could fit all of them in the package.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nash & The Tantrums

My sister was just tell me, "you need to blog!"  Finally something to blog about!  Today we received a year progress report on Nash!  He is doing great!  Or as great as you can tell from a one page report.  I was not expecting it so it was a wonderful surprise.  Ok, down to the dets.
  • walks without support or one or two steps
  • says "No" meaningfully
  • says "Umma" or mamma
  • displays frequent tantrum behaviors (gulp!)
  • turns pages of a book
  • puts 3 or more objects in a container
  • follows simple errands
The report is from today, he is still weighing in at 23.5 lbs, takes a few naps a day and they say he sleeps through the night.  The last comment states he's an active boy and doing well.  I'm not going to worry about the tantrum behaviors....I've yet to meet a kid who does not occassionally melt-down.  Our social worker hinted that we might also get some additional pics....I'll try not to get the hopes up but will post them if we do!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Birthday Photo and Update!

We got a few first birthday photos!  He is with our birthday care package we sent.  At one year he weighs 23.5 lbs and is 30.7 inches tall.  I can't get over that hair!   What a wonderful surprise. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A birthday celebration for Nash in Korea and at Home.

One year ago today (July 6, 2010), halfway around the world, our first baby was born.  I think of Nash everyday, but today on Nash's first birthday, I'm thinking about the birthday celebration his FM might have planned for him.  A Korean birthday celebration known as dol.  The dol celebrations includes prayers, dressing Nash in his ceremonial dress (known as a han-bok), and perhaps participating in a Korean custom known as doljabee.   Oh I hope to see pictures of this oneday.  This ceremony blesses the child for a prosperous future and places objects in front of him for him to choose that would tell Nash's future and what career he might have.  Some items and examples might include a book or paintbrush, which if chosen would represent a scholar, food represents a government official, etc.  I'm sure if hubby was placing objects in front of him he might be pushing the soccer ball towards him.  I know he is surrounded by many who love him and have done everything possible to make this day special for him.  When we meet his FM, I'm going to remember to ask her how they celebrated this day, so I can tell Nash stories when he is older.
At the cabin, we had our little celebration for him, along with the July 4th birthday girls.  And check out the blog next year, for Nash's 2nd birthday, because I might already be planning a roaring party in which ya'll are invited!

Reagan and Julie, both July 4th babies!
Thanks for the cake Auntie Erinn!

I think Nash will fit in perfect with this crazy group!