Monday, July 29, 2013

Birthday Round-up

The month of July has been dedicated to Nash turning 3.  Over the month we had a series of celebrations.  At the cabin, at home with a party and at school.  I'm sure this uterally confused him and is now wondering why he can't have people sing and dote on him all the time.  Poor Nash, he is in for a real treat when the time comes to share his birthday month with Leo.  We had a blast with all the celebrations and over-did it a tad....but, you only turn 3 once and what better way to celebrate than to have a fire truck make you pizza's!

Birthday Tradition.  I take a picture of Nash first thing, the
morning of his birthday. This year we were at the cabin. 

All things Scoopers!

make a wish

Construction theme birthday party.

Silas and Simon.  Open your eyes, boys!

Miracle! A Group Birthday Photo

The birthday fire truck that made pizzas. They were very yummy! 

Adagio and Nash = BFF's

Monday, July 8, 2013

Growing Up

I'm going to recap (basically the last 3 months) since I've been just too busy to blog about how busy life is.  Nash turned 3 this past weekend but that deserves its own blog post (stay tuned).
Nash recently moved up a class-room at his school.  He moved from Toddler 2 to Preschool 1.  OMG, he is in preschool?  When did that happen?  I think the minute he was potty trained they moved him up to the 3-4 year old room.  He handled it like a "rock star" (quote from his teacher).  Perhaps Nash will just breeze through changes like this....after all, this change is minuscule in comparison to what the rest of life has thrown at him.  It's like overnight he turned into this little boy.  This classroom has more expectations of him, but he was ready for more of a challenge.  He is thriving and we couldn't be more happy.
Nash also got a new bed.  We had him in the toddler bed but moved him to a twin.  Talk about ready, he kept saying "my bed is too small".  He seems to really like his new bed and has yet to fall out of it (which is nice because I didn't buy one of those side railings). 

I'd say the biggest change over the past few months has been Nash's ability to converse with us.  We fully understand everything he says and it's so fun to finally hear what's going on in that brain of his. 
We recently were without power for 4 days when a big rainstorm crashed through.  We were lucky, most of the time we were out of town and the other night we got to have a pajama party at Simon's house.  Here was a conversations about the storm.
Nash- Mommy, the trees fell down
Me-I know, the storm blew them over
Nash- Are the trees sad?
Me-Maybe a little.
Nash- Can I give them a hug? I'll wrap my blanket around them.

Another (what we are hoping short lived phase) includes Nash's discovery of fears.  Everything is "scary".  I guess it's totally typically at this age.  You just have to laugh, and there is no talking about how they irrational the fears are.  It's like all of the sudden he developed the fear gene.  It's so hard not to notice because it is completely opposite of how he was. Here is the current list of things Nash's fears:
Our bathtub drain
Public toilets (which I kinda get but nonetheless is completely inconvenient)  He calls them "flushy potty's".
Monsters (all kinds)
The community pool (won't go past his knees in the water... Time for more swimming lessons)
Bumble bees
The sun (as we were driving home..."Mommy, the sun in my eyes.  Scary!")

But yet he sleeps like a baby through thunder and lightening storms. Who could have guessed.

This is Nash's favorite expression
See a pattern?