Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Giving Thanks

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving came and went! I don't remember it flying by so fast last year.  I'm mostly freaking out because our house is in shambles from some work being done and I've yet to dig out any holiday decorations! Here is a little advice-don't schedule construction projects over the month of December. Ok, back to the subject on hand. There are some days when I just look at Nash and can't believe how grown-up he is.  He not only looks so much bigger but at roughly 3.5 years of age how much he is talking and engaging in real conversations.  It went from having to ask the teachers about his day to just asking him and getting the full play-by-play (well mostly because we ask him what he eats for lunch everyday and everyday he says apple sauce...not sure that is always true). As we approach the 1 year mark of waiting for baby Leo, I'm reminded of all that we are thankful for.  A healthy family, good friends, work and school we enjoy, and being able to give Nash all our attention as the only child.  Sometimes, something happens in your life that makes you realize how lucky you are when your loved ones are healthy.  Nash recently suffered a febrile seizure at school from a spike in his temperature.  This is can happen and after discussing it with the ER doctor and his GP, is nothing to be concerned about.  Everyone I've talked to knows someone whose child had this issue, and most of the time it will only happen once.  Nash was at school when it happened and we are just so thankful for the swift response his teachers made and having a calming demeanor for some very frantic parents! 

Nash and his classmates were asked what they were thankful for. We can credit Auntie Erinn for her famous pecan pie for Nash's answer!

Hope you had a wonderful pecan filled Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Updates Galor

We finally received a few updates on Leo! The last update was in July so it was an eternity to wait to hear how our little guy is doing. He is doing great. Growing and developing right on track. I SO wish I could share a photo but you'll just have to trust me that he is very handsome. We want him home now! But, my best guess would be our first trip to be in late summer 2014. Unlike with Nash, we will be making two trips to Seoul. The first one will be to meet Leo and appear before a judge. The next trip will be 6-10 weeks later when we can travel to bring him home. Until then, we just keep talking about him and hang on to these updates like they are gold.

15/16 month stats include: he likes to run, says mama, shows understanding of words, brings spoon to mouth, and holds and drinks from cup to name just a few. He is also weighing in at 26 lbs. a whole pound heavier than Nash was at this age. 

Oh, there is one pic I can share! He got a little scrap on his leg and they are very diligent about letting us know anytime there is an injury. His leg is the cutest, right?