Sunday, August 26, 2012

A serious case of...

I can honestly say that our most challenging week as a family was this past week when Nash came down with a serious case of the Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease.  Yes, it sounds like some sort of virus you catch on a farm.  I guess it's common, can't say I knew that much about it.  Our sweet, little, sensitive boy turned into something from the exorcist.  I'm trying to block out many of the memories over the past week but I'm pretty sure at some point his head spun around and green stuff started coming out of his mouth.  I can hardly blame him really, these tiny little sores inside his mouth made it impossible to eat and drink for days (4 to be exact).  I'm not sure how he caught it, the most likely place would be his daycare, or maybe his little gym class, but I like to blame it on the random water bottle Nash was drinking from at a fro-yo shop when I was busy making him his sundae.  (That expression you really can't take your eyes off your toddler is super true).  He came down with it on a Sunday.  My first thought was he just had some canker sores, but then it started to spread like wildfire and by Monday, with confirmation from our doctor he was diagnosed.  The sad part is there is not much you can do, just try to manage the pain and make sure they are not getting dehydrated.  Not only was I worried about this, his pain seemed to be at it's worst during the night.  Nash was home all week from school, because it's highly contiguous, thankfully my mom came down and watch Nash for two days while Bret and I went to work.  Love you mom!

But I'm happy to report that all is back to normal!  Our little boy is back, he's making up for all the meals he missed, and giving us lots of smiles.  So hopeful that he will NEVER come down this awful virus again.  

Pictures of us at happier times!  Did I mention that this past week was awful? Ok, I'm over it.  Promise.

The every family photo op in Minneapolis

Grandma Bev!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nash a Vampire?

There must be an explanation why my lovable, sweet, caring toddler has decided to take up biting as his most beloved hobby at school.  The first call we received from his school notifying us that he had bitten a child, I think I might have chuckled to myself.  "Oh silly Nash, must have picked it up from the other kids at school."  The second call I thought "Another misunderstanding, perhaps another child took a toy from him?"  The last step in this mama's denial came during a full on surprise intervention at school.  The setting was perfect, I got to school early (it was a Tuesday) and I was excited to see Nash and hear how wonderful his day was.  I spotted Nash from afar, and I proceeded to approach him on the tire swing, the teacher corners me and says she wants to chat for a few minutes.  She then proceeds to tell me that Nash had yet again bit another child.  Seriously, I was waiting for the cameras to jump out of the bushes and my intervention turned reality-life-made-for-tv story on "Denial-Mom's Who Think Their Kids are Perfect" show.  The teacher proceeded to give me a "tip" sheet on what biting means and things we can do at home to help move past this behavior.  Frankly, the "tip" sheet was pretty common sense.  The behavior could be a language barrier (duh), teething (uh huh), or if they are hungry or thirsty.  I'd be the first to address this with Nash if he were to DO IT AT HOME! I think this is why I'm having such a hard time with processing that he is doing it.  Trust me, the other toddler behaviors (meltdowns, hitting) he has mastered at home, but biting is not one of them.  Maybe he sneaks down on Sunday nights and watches "True Blood" with me behind my back?  Is he secretly reading the Twilight series?

As I was leaving with Nash that day, the teacher offered the most comforting and reassuring words a mother could here.  "Oh, we've seen worse."  YES!  Music to my ears.  We have started to talk at home about this behavior, and the next step might be rewarding him for days he does not do it.  I'm sure this phase will pass, hopefully sooner than later.
Lawn mowing day always makes for a great photo op
The Berg Family- All together!