Friday, August 19, 2011

Special Delivery for Nash

My bud Steph, will be traveling like ANY DAY to Korea to bring home her son, Ethan!  I'm bananas excited for her and her family.  (Side note, can't stop using or saying the word bananas, drives Bret nuts...not so worried because he does not read the blog.)  She graciously offered to take a package with her for Nash.  She has already been a great friend and resource for all my strange and obsessive questions about the process.  She also promised to take a zillion, yes zillion photos of Nash if she were to see him at the agency.  Trying not to get my hopes up on that one!  This will be the THIRD trip to Korea for her and her hubby.  She is a total pro.  I can't wait to meet Ethan, and her other kiddos.   Safe travels, Steph and Jamie.

How cute is Steph? Or and the stuff we are sending Nash?  I would be smiling that big too if I was able to travel to bring my son home!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Not Wednesday's- How do you hold these?

Ok, how do I master theses?

With lots of practice.  I realized when Bret and I went for Korean food this past weekend, that neither of us really know how to use them!  By the time we travel to Korea, you'll be able to call me Danielson!  Get it?

Bret struggling with his set but too embarrassed to ask for a fork (and by the fact that he saw a six-year old using them masterfully, I think his pride kicked in).  Needless to say, you certainly don't eat as much when you have to use them.  AH HA!  The chop-sticks diet.  Genius!  

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Oh, and I'm looking forward to putting together my fall wardrobe. Currently, I'm loving the lady like blouses, animal prints, lace and flared jeans.  How pathetic that I'm already thinking about what I'll wear the first time I meet Nash.  I think a cute wrap dress, tights, and tall boots would be lovely?! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can you say eollugmal? A special present for Nash and us!

Don't worry, I can't really pronounce it either.  Its zebra in Korean.  We received a very special gift from super nanny guru, Dharma.  Dharma not only know about kiddos, she knows about kiddos whose second language is English.  She gave us a beautiful set of books, with all the Korean words and pronunciations attached to each page.  I can't even imagine how long it took her to put this together for all these books!  She also gave us the English and Korean version of one of my favorites!  I heard a rumor that Dharma had one of her kids mom's bring it back from Korea.  Hubs and I were overwhelmed by this thoughtful gift.  Dharma also reassured us that the kids she works with, pick up on English very quickly.  I'm not overly worried about Nash catching on, rather, I'm more worried about him always feeling connected to his birth language.  I think this is a great first step and know these will be some of our favorite reads!