Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014-Catch up

Clearly, I forgot to add "update blog regularly" as one of my New Years resolutions. Time is flying by, we are busy with work, various fun kid-centered social events and trying to survive this winter. Lucky for us, Nash still loves to spend 90% of his time shoveling the snow. Lucky for Nash, it will be June before he will need to find a new hobby.

I wish I had concrete information to share on when Leo might be coming home. We do not have any news and can only speculate when it might be. Our best guess is the first trip will happen still this summer. Thankfully, our social worker in Korea sends regular updates and let's us know how well he is growing and developing. Could be the winter blues but lately I've just been so sad about this. This past month we crossed the 1 year wait marker and to not know anything more now than a year ago is just down right depressing. Blah. Probably part of the reason I've neglected updating this blog.

I think I picked the wrong winter to not have Nash in any activities! When we are not shoveling Nash is loving playing with his scoopers, watching and talking about anything "John Deer" related, and playing Hungry-Hungry Hippos (in the thick of the game he loves to yell "I'm so hungry, I'm so hungry". Swimming lessons are soon to start again so fingers crossed he will enjoy those.

Finally, here are some random pics from Nash's first time on skates and other randoms.