Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Family Pics!

In August we got some new family photos taken.  I just looooooove them.  I'm excited to share them with all of you!  The last set of pics as a family of three.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Movement Finally!!

This week we finally received news that Leo's paperwork was approved and now will be sent to the courts for review. This is big news and a huge hurdle in the process is over. We now await the notice of when the court hearing will be. Our best guess is late October or early November. We have to take 2 trips this time. On the first trip, we will appear before the judge and get the chance to meet Leo! We travel home and wait for "final approval" from the judge. When we receive final approval will travel back to bring Leo home forever. We are almost positive this will happen in 2014.

I'm finally letting myself feel excited. We are just so ready to have Leo home and get-on with having our family of 4!

We also received a written update on Leo. To date, although we have received pictures and small developmental updates we have heard little about Leo as a person. It is reported that he loves to play outside, go on trips with his foster family and is independent. Puts on his slippers by himself and likes to brush his teeth. He is smart, says 30-40 words and likes to sing and dance. He kisses the photos of us and says mommy, daddy, and older brother (sniff sniff).

At home, I feel like we have lots to do. Move Nash into his new bedroom and do a little make-over to Leo's space. The transition for Nash will probably be difficult. Having a new brother who is immediately going to play with all this toys and need our attention. But Nash loves playing with kids, and I'm hopeful they will become fast friends and buddies. I also think having an older brother will help Leo's transition.

I promise to keep you all posted when we hear about the hearing date!