Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halfway Home?

So according to my poor math skills rough calculations, we are about half-way through our wait.  We are still anticipating that we will be traveling in late February or early March.  We did receive a little update from our agency last week regarding how much notice we will now receive prior to traveling.  It will be about 1 WEEK!  I know, crazy right.  Thankfully, my employer now knows and is very supportive.  It's not ideal from a planning perspective but we will roll with it.  I'm pretty sure sometime in early January I'll have my bags packed and ready to go (just in case!). 
Here are few more pictures we received from his 14 month update.  Looks like he's already demonstrating stellar oral-hygiene skills, Auntie Erinn would be proud.

Now only if he would show us his teeth!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What happened to my chunky monkey?

We got an update for Nash at 14 months yesterday!  Yea!  He is doing great, looking a lot thinner than some of the previous pictures but still as cute as ever.  I'm sure he is a very busy boy.  We love you Nash, thinking of you always.

Growing up so fast.