Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whatnot Wednesdays....

In an effort to make sure "Nash Talk" does not loose steam, I might divert from the subject of Nash at times, because although I can't wait till this blog is Nash 24/7, its hard to find fillers for blog entries.  Here is my Whats Hot/ Whats Not List for this week.

Hot- Hines Ward.  The half Korean, super adorable winner of this season DWTS!  He smile is so contagious and my sister is OBSESSED with him. (I guess this is not really sports related but he IS a football star). 
Not- Lance Armstrong- here comes another story of doping allegations.  I have to admit I'm getting a little skeptical of the Live Strong athlete.  (Plus, I'm still mad at him for when he broke up with Sheryl Crow).  Oh, and the Twins, come on boys!  Get your act together.

Hot-Food Trucks! There baaaaack!  And usually only the the metro DT areas, but secretly I want to quite my job and and buy one!  I would serve different types of tacos, including a Korean favorite  Bulgogi (BBQ beef) with homemade tortillas and green rice!  Rights girls?
Not- Buffets.  Plain in simple, they are just not good.  Example:  I was in Vegas with some GF's (many moons ago), we wait in a line that's 45 minutes long only to have my friend turn to me and say "These potatoes taste funny".  I only had to respond to say "oh honey, those are potatoes, those are scallops."   (Remember KT?)

Summer Fashion
HOT- maxi dresses, stripes, corals and flared jeans.
Not- jean shorts on guys.  I see this a lot at the MN state fair.  Please, step out of 1990.  AND Ed Hardy T-shirts.  I see they make them for kids now...Really?  Uh, it looks like someone lost their lunch all over a t-shirt.  Plus, that guy is like BFF's with Jon Gossling.  I rest my case.

Hot- The season finale to The Good Wife.   You. Must. Watch.This. Show.
Not- The Mad Men season getting pushed till March 2012 or whatevs.  Oh, and I wonder if we are going to find out who Betty's baby's daddy is?  I'm keeping my eye on the tabloids for that one and will report back with updates.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I think my nephew Carson would approve of what we picked out for Nash's birthday care package...

Scoopers are the bomb!

SCOOPERS!! (a/k/a any kind of trucks).  I found these at my new favorite store, Lakeshore Learning.  The trucks link together with magnets.  We also found this super cute Pug Hugs book (we got two just in case FM does not send it home with us).  We also made a Shutterfly book with more pictures (sans pics with Bret's shirt off this time), a few frog washcloths, a few small balls that make noise and of course a few new outfits. 

How cute are those panda slippers????

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hop on the Seoul Train

This past weekend we got the chance to hang out with families who kiddos are also from Korea.  They call themselves the Seoul Train.  We had a great time and they can't wait for Nash to join in on all the fun.  At one point, I had to ask someone "is this how many toys Nash will need?"  Here are a few pictures..and wow, its SUPER hard to get a group of kids together to stand still for a picture!

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Feature!

As you might have noticed, at the top of the blog, I've added a tickler so everyone can keep track of how old Nash is. I digress for a second, for those bloggers out there, there seems to be a Lilypie tickler for everything, you can track weight loss, next vacation, how long you’ve been BFFs with someone, last time you did laundry, called your mom…well, you get the picture. Ok, back to Nash. He is fast creeping up on 1 year! I can’t help to think back to July 6, 2010, and what I was doing on this day that would forever change my life. Normally, I would not remember just a random day (I have just an awful memory, just as my high school friends) but we just happened to be at my parent’s cabin with all my siblings and extended family. This was the only time last summer that all the great-grand parents, grandma and grandpas, siblings, and little cousins got together. I guess it was a sign, really, of being together with family. Little did I know that far away, in a completely different culture and world from mine, my first baby was born. I'm gearing up for the feelings I'll have of not being able to be with him on his first birthday. In preparation for this monumental milestone we are getting his birthday package ready to send to make sure he receives on-time. We are including for the first time a letter to FM. Good thing it was typed so my tear marks didn’t smear the ink. It was so hard to write. I wanted to not overwhelm her (or the translator) so I tired to keep it short. I just told her how much we appreciated all the loving care that Nash is receiving and how we would love to eventually see pictures from his first birthday celebration. Oh, and that she should make room in her house for all the care packages to come……to that I say, welcome back Mr. UPS man!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bright Side...

Ok, so my last post might have been a little bit dramatic....Today we received a few more clarifications on our specific process and I've realized that one weekend of wallowing in self-pity is enough.  I just have to stay positive, and with the help and support of all of you, I know I can do it!!! One positive is that we are now not limited on how many care packages we can send to Nash.  I've already started shopping for the next one!  Woot-woot.  I'm open to suggestions on items a 10 month old might want or need that can fit in that  1 gallon bag.  This weekend I also realized that when I start to get down, its hard on everyone, especially my hubby.  He was so supportive and was just trying to cheer me up by pointing out the positives of the situation.  I realized that he never really gets the chance to feel upset because I'm too busy being upset enough for the two of us, which is not fair to him.  I surprised him by putting Nash's picture in a frame so he can take it to work and show him off.  Don't worry, I'm not spoiling the surprise, he has yet to log-on to my blog!   I told ya this blog was going to be part therapy.  I feel better already.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Not all news is good...

Warning, Debbie Downer Post:   So I know I mentioned in one of my prior posts, when potentially we might be able to travel to bring Nash home.  Today, we just received some very disappointing devastating news.  Our date to travel has been pushed to February 2012.  I'm in shock.  I was optimistically thinking it might even be October 2011, now its going to be 4 months later than expected.   This is because of the set "quota" by the Korean government of how many emigration permissions they grant to adoptees in a given year.  The Korean Government has been decreasing this number by 1-2% yearly, and the timing of it makes us right at the cut-off for this year.  Other families I've connected with are in the same boat, but it does not make this news any easier to swallow.  At least its Friday, it will give me a few days for my eyes to return to normal from their swollen state.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kansas or Bust!

This past weekend we took a road trip to visit my brother and his family as well as catch a Twins game.  Boy, the Twins really stink right now.  The highlight of the game was that Bret and my sis-in-law Julie got on TV because this kid sitting in front of us was doing the robot dance the entire game.  It was so fun getting the chance to spend some extra time with everyone.  Here are some pictures of the trip.  Nash made out like a bandit.  We have 3 HUGE bags of toys (of course be be shared with his cuz Nolan), as well as a new stuffed Duck (thanks Alice and Dave), and Nash's first KS Jayawk's shirt.  Which of course he can wear, just not during Gopher basketball season. 

Same shirt!  Boy, do great fashion minds think alike or what?

Carson and Reagan with all the stuffed Ducks (including Nah's!)