Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ready For the Call!

Getting ready for the final call! We are all done shopping for gifts for foster family and our Korean social worker. My favorite was this tree necklace for foster mom. I meant it to symbolize how ones family tree can grow. I decided to start a private blog for her and her family. My heart weighs heavy when I think of her and how her new life will start without Nash.

Friday, March 23, 2012

EP Approval! One step left......

Today we got the amazing call that Nash's emigration permissions have been issued!  I was told to expect to travel in 2-4 weeks.  I'm hoping it's closer to two but really its hard to guess right now.  So, next steps? Really there is just ONE STEP LEFT.  We will receive the final call, the call I've been dreaming about since the first time I saw our baby's face.  The TRAVEL CALL!  We don't make any of our arrangements until after we get this call but once we get the word....we will most likely be a plane 48 hours later.  Crazy huh?  Stay tuned!  It's really happening, the end is in sight.  I can hold on....deep breathe. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nash vs. the Soup (Hint: the soup declared the winner)

I should know by now, when our social worker calls us to tell us she has an unexpected update on Nash it's never good news.  Just in case you all forgot, about six months ago we were informed Nash had fallen and received a few stitches above his eye. Well this time, he managed to run into a pot of soup that was cooking on a hot plate on the floor, it dumped over and he fell on top of it and got second degree burns on his hand, for-arm and foot.  Foster mom went directly to the hospital, where he was admitted so they could treat aggressively.  All is well now and his burns are healing well.  The initial report stated that foster mom felt awful.  I don't blame her, rather I'm not having to read too far in between the lines to know that Nash will be an active boy.  Add this story to my long list of questions I have prepared to ask foster mom about when we meet her.  I'll have to dedicate a section of Nash's baby book just to his accidents! 

It's now been about 2.5 weeks and still no news of emigration permission approval.  The countdown is still on...but I'm finding myself more anxious than ever.  I think we are just so close to the end, to having Nash in our arms forever, that everyday seems like a week.  Until then, I'll continue to: prepare for my leave from work (and yes I'm returning in case anyone from my co. is reading this), continue the baby proofing (note to self-  must.move.knife.drawer), as well as getting everything organized for our travel.  I'm sure I'll dedicate an entry about all the stuff we are taking over.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The ball is rolling...EP Submitted~

Today, at approximately 9:27 a.m., we received a phone call from our agency that Nash's emigration paperwork was submitted for approval to the Korean Ministry!  This is the phone call we have been waiting for.  This signals that everything is moving....and starts the countdown clock to when we might travel. Also begins the speculation on when that might be.  Here are the next steps and projected time lines (really, its super confusing to keep straight so I will outline in a bullet point approach.)
  • Now we have to wait for EP approval.  Our agency is stating anywhere from 3-8 weeks for approval.  I don't think it will take 8 weeks.  I really think they feel so awful that we all had to wait so long that I'm hopeful 4 weeks top.
  • After EP approval, his paperwork is submitted to the American Embassy in D.C., where he will have his visa interview.  Agency timeline for this step is 1-3 weeks.
  • After his paperwork is complete, visa issued, we should get the travel call w/in days! 
So, I will receive 2 more phone calls. One to signal his paperwork is out of the Ministry and onto the U.S. embassy, and the final call, the best call I will ever receive in my life will be the T.C.- travel call. Then, 48 hrs. later we on a plane to bring home our boy and I'll be blogging my updates from Korea! 

Eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!  This mama is bananas excited too BECAUSE Nash's soon to be bestie Simon (Desirae's and Steve's adorable son) ALSO was submitted for EP!  If the stars align, we could be traveling on the same timeline.