Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Nash's report card from school today. The last line says.
When A friend asked for more water, Nash told her "Say Please!"

I'm recording so I can someday show Nash.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rewind- Halloween 2012

Nash's first Halloween was a total success.  The day started out with costume parade at Nash's school.  They encouraged all the kids to wear "peaceful" costumes.  Which I guess is a nice way of saying don't send your kids to school dressed like Freddy Krueger.  Everyone with older children (let's say 4 and up) tell me that I should enjoy the time when I get to dress Nash however I like.  I have a feeling this will extend to more than just Halloween.  I'm guessing my days of Nash thinking bow ties are cool are limited.  DANG!  Parents were encouraged to attend the parade, so Grandma Sandy and I eagerly participated   It was so dang cute.  All the kids in the school walking throughout the neighborhood collection pennies for UNICEF.  One of the many things I love about his school is the true commitment to teaching the kids about charity and thinking about others less fortunate.  Nash was having an awesome time, running to the front of the line, marching with all the older kids.  All was well until he fell flat on his face and managed to get a huge scrape on his forehead.  We watched him fall and I thought for sure he had lost his two front teeth.  So, in the end it was minimal damage accept the fact that this mama was a little nervous because it was the very next day we had to appear for our finalization hearing.  Later that night we went trick or treating at a few houses around the neighborhood.  Nash was excited to yet again wear his puppy outfit and sat pretty still while I painted his face.  I was pretty proud of my work (thanks Pinterest!)  Funny story, we have some new neighbors that moved in that we had yet to meet.  I was thinking it was a perfect opportunity to finally meet them.  So I send adorable Nash to the door, and she answer and Nash runs into the house!  Que embarrassment! Although I have to admit I totally wanted to follow him in the check out the house.  As you can tell from the pictures...Nash took being a Dalmatian very seriously.  Yeesh, what does this mama have to do to get a smile for the camera!!!!!! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


On November 1, 2012, we finalized Nash's adoption in front of a judge.  The finalization symbolizes that we are officially a family of three and marks the end of the adoption process.  I was feeling especially emotional on this day.  The hearing only lasted about 10 minutes, we got it all on video which will be so fun to show Nash someday.  The icing on the cake was that Nash's buddy Simon's hearing was also on the same day, literally the next hearing scheduled.  We had a little celebration with our family and friends that night.  A day we will never forget.

My eyes were so red from all the happy tears!

Rare pic of Nash actually smiling.  Simon can always make him smile.
That is my mom in the background....I just love how big
her smile is!
Hug it out!