Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Mash-Up

Wow, I've been SUPER lazy about blogging.  I have material, but just needed to find motivation to  February has turned into a busy month.  Busy doing what?  Well, I can't really answer that.  I guess with swimming lessons, weekend gymnastics and celebrating a few holidays in between.  The Lunar New Year fell on February 10th.  We were supposed to get together with our little Korean holiday group but the weather didn't cooperate.  Nash did manage to celebrate at school, where he brought in treats, a little write-up about the upcoming year of the snake and his favorite book "Bringing In the New Year".  His teacher mentioned that when she read it to the group, he said a lot of the story out-loud.  It's been really fun to share Nash's Korean heritage with his school-mates.  Everyone has really embraced it, so much so that I came to school and one of his teachers had bought another one of our favorites "BibimBop" to keep as reading material.  I'm yet again reminded at how lucky we are to have found a daycare so great for Nash. 

We also celebrated valentines day, with pink pancakes (which I'm sad to report I had to re-make because the first batch of Bisquick didn't turn out...Bisquick people.  Not difficult for most) heart shaped balloons and valentines for Nash's class.  We walked into his class and one of his friends yelled "Happy Valentines Day Nash."  It was so.dang.cute. 

Nash loves to talk, ask questions and keep tabs on his excavator. He is OBSESSED with excavators. He sings about them, sleeps with them and will only read books about them.  I can't wait to see what the next "obsession" will be, but frankly, I can't ever picture him moving on from his love of excavators.  The best part?  He pronounces the word perfectly. Like better than I can.

Something Nash does not love...broccoli.  Funny story. We were eating dinner one night and often I'll say to him, "just try one bite, then you can be done."  Well, indeed he took one bite, immediately following the worlds smallest bite was projectile vomit everywhere.  So, I have forever scarred Nash from eating broccoli.  Who can blame him.....really.

I think I"ll have the broccoli. Thank you.

Monday, February 4, 2013

First (of many) Deliveries for Leo

First order of business was to get Leo's first care package together. Sending these packages and anxiously awaiting updates is the thread that keeps you together during this long wait. So my cc has been busy buying stuff for Leo. Nash seems a little puzzled that not every package that gets delivered is no longer for him (well some are for his mama who is supplementing her vacation wardrobe), but the packages are mostly for Leo! I think we are allowed to send one over every month. I currently have enough stuff for six months. Not much can fit into a gallon size bag. I took Nash along to the agency to send it off. He held it the whole drive over.