Monday, January 7, 2013

Nash 2.5

Nash is officially 2.5!  So I guess when people ask me how old he is I'll say 2.5 vs. 2?  I feel like over the past few months Nash has really changed.  Not so much physically, he is still weighing in around 30 lbs and 3" but in other ways, mostly in his language and his continued adjustment to life with us.  His language continues to grow, he is quite observant.
Nash: "Mommy, the picture fell, the picture fell."
Me: "Oh, your right.  How did that get in there."
Setting: I had thrown away some art from from school from like 4 months ago and he noticed it in the trash.  Oops, bad mommy.

Me:"Oh, let's tighten those pants back up, your so skinny."
Nash:"Your skinny too, mommy."
Awwwww, isn't that the best?  He got an extra long hug for that comment. 

We've also been working really hard on helping him identify when he has feelings.  I'm hoping this eventually helps curb some of the not-so-desirable behaviors like hitting.  Over the past week though, I think we turned a corner from that undesirable place.  We continue to navigate the waters of being both new parents, and making sure we are sensitive to his continued needs and attachment from his transition home to us.  I'm learning that certain busy social situations will trigger some of these behaviors.  I'm learning to make sure I'm taking Nash's cues and listen to those "motherly instincts".  I'm sure I've asked most of you reading this blog for advice, and it's all been so helpful so thank you.  

We are gearing up for some fun winter activities.  We signed up again for swim lessons and also are doing some weekend gymnastics classes.  Maybe we can foster some of that gifted balance and motor skills he has (go ahead an sigh, I'm being one of those mom's using the word "gifted").

Nash continues to sleep extremely well and thrives under routine (like going to school, etc).  He loves to be independent and do things for himself.  The other night we told him he could go into the fridge and get out a tangerine.  He opened/closed the door, and literally unpeeled the whole tangerine by himself.  Then last night, I was running a bath and when I was going to go back to help him undress, here he is running into the bath fully naked after undressing his cloths and diaper all by himself.  We hear a lot of "I do it."  Until we ask him to go pick up his toys then he quickly replies "Mommy do it."  Gotta love a kid for trying, right?

I think 2013 will be another AMAZING year for the Larson's.  I know this because I saw a psychic and she said so.  Party on people!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Over the River and Thru the Woods

Christmas 2012 was a whirlwind to say the least.  We bid adieu to Elfie (who ended up taking an extended vacation to the North Pole the last few weeks of December), packed up the car and headed to Madison.  We got the chance to see all kinds of cousins  aunts/uncles and grandmas and grandpa.  To say Nash made a haul in the present department is an understatement.  On the way home, we literally had zero room for anything else (and we have an SUV!).  Nash loved being the center of attention.  Traveling during this time can be exhausting, but we were so proud at how well he did.  Must have been the adrenalin or sugar rush from all the cookies and hot chocolate.  After we returned from Madison, we got the chance to celebrate with just the three of us.  All our family lives out of town but it's important to me that Nash gets to have Christmas memories at his own house, too.  He was so excited when he realized that Santa came.  Like literally running around yelling "Santa came!".