Sunday, July 29, 2012

Serious Cuteness

This is a warning.  This next post is nothing but cuteness.  Be prepared to smile, giggle, say out-lout "that is soooo cute!"  The subject of the cuteness?  None-other-than Nash and Nolan, first cousins and on the road to becoming best little buddies.  Up until this trip, the boys have not paid too much attention to each other.  But the stars aligned and boys had such a blast hanging out like two peas in a pod.  I think my sister and I just walked around all weekend and laughed, saying to each other, "OMG, are they not so cute?".  I heart these boys.  
Matching animal rafts, check.
Matching water bottles, check.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three Month Check In- Reality Check!

Reality Check. We have been a family of three for over three months!  I know time is flying by but part of me feels like we've been a family for so much longer than just 3 months.  Never did I imagine that life would feel so settled and routine after only 3 months.  I'll try to recap what Nash has been up to since he turned two.  Frankly, we've just been busy being a family.  I feel Nash is almost fully adjusted to his new weekday life at school.  We are lucky that we found a place that has been such a great fit for Nash.  Drop-offs are now without tears (unless mama does it), and we've noticed some real positive changes in him since he's started.  For one, his language is really exploding, everyday he says a new word.  He also seems more calm and patient and having less tantrums, which equal less time-outs.  He is more willing to wait his turn or share his toys.  These are all qualities I failed to help Nash with when I was home.  Partly, because it's easy to not have to share your toys when your an only child or wait your turn when their is nobody else around.  I'm not going to beat myself up, maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel less guilty about going back to work but I honestly can say, it's been nothing but positive for us.  Sleeping is also going well (I'm writing this on the eve of a whole night w/out waking up!).  Getting to sleep seems pretty slick (currently), we have a bath, snuggle and read some books and he lays down to sleep and we leave him to fall asleep on his own.  A technique that has really worked for us is "ok, I'll come back and check on you in 3 minutes", (I can thank genius Desirae for this tip).  Then you just extend the time each time you check.  He is typically sleeping by the second check-in.  Most nights he's still waking up during the night, but honestly, I don't mind.  It's typically just to get an extra hug, covers, or reassurance we are there.

Nash continues to navigate the waters and paddle his way through swim lessons.  I'm just so proud of how far he has come since the first week.  We have six weeks left and we just continue to see progress in him every week.  He seems to really enjoy being in the water, which can be half the battle sometimes.  

I'll say it, this post was FAR from exciting.  I look back on some of our older posts when we were in Korea, or about to meet Nash, or when Nash first came home, those were some crazy and emotional times.  I'm LOVING LIFE as being a settled, adjusted, and in our little groove.  No more huge transitions on the horizon.  Crazy to think about, but here we are, just a mere 3 months later, as an everyday, boring family of 3.  I LOVE BORING, and it's exactly where we are all happy to be.

Zoo trip with Uncle Paul and Auntie Kara

Is it a book or a hat?  

Does he not look 12 years old here?  Yeesh!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The birthday celebration- Part 2

Who does not like celebrating their birthday for days?  I for one am a big fan.  Bret used to tease me that I would get a birthday "month".  Well, of course I would give my first born child, my baby, the same special treatment.  We had a awesome weekend celebrating with family and friends.  Friday night, the day of his birthday we went out for Korean food.  OMG.  I've never seen him eat so much, we had pa jun, mandu, bi bim bap and sweet and sour chicken.  Grandma Sandy was in town, and the last time we had Korean food we were all in Seoul.  We had such a fun time.  Often, Nash won't sit still for an entire meal but he was the last one to get done.
The next day, Bret and I actually had our first date night since Nash came home.  My cousin got married and we decided to leave Nash at home for some quality time with Gma Sandy.  He did great, and it was nice to have an evening among adults.  We didn't stay out too late because the next day we had a little afternoon BBQ to celebrate with a few friends and family.  We had family travel in from out of town and feel so grateful they were able to join in the celebration.

We are officially partied out.  The last of the birthday pics!
Pass the mandu

Make a Wish!

I wish my mom and dad could have a date night

Thank you, son!  So thoughtful.

My attempt at party decorations...lets just say
nobody will be quick to re-pin my idea on Pinterest

Looking good Mr. Two Year Old

Someday soon, Noly, you'll be two, too!

More sweets? A cake big enough to feed an army?  Ok!

We will still be eating this when he turns 3

Good looking crowd


Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Nash!

He takes his Hanbok wearing responsibilities v
very seriously.
Today Nash is 2 years old!  A huge milestone for him and us.  Being able to be together for this special day has meant so much to us.  I'm trying not to go too overboard but wanted to make this day special.  Unfortunately, the day started out with a very long Dr. appointment, in which he had to get his blood drawn.  He was not a fan of that and needless to say might forever hate his birthday because of it.  Birthday's in Korea are all about tradition.  I think I wrote previously about the type of celebration Nash might be having for his his first birthday celebration with his foster family.  We are lucky enough to have pictures of celebration.  Part of the tradition includes placing items representing eventual trades or careers in front of a child and they are to pick one, and that object will represent what they will be when they grow up.  Since we already knew that Nash picked money as his object (Apa was pleased), we didn't recreate.  But foster mom sent home his beautiful hanbok and I couldn't wait to finally have a reason to put him back in it.  Most of it still fit, and I think he honestly remembered it.  The day is only half over, and the party will continue into the weekend.  I just wanted to make sure I posted something today, on his very birthday.  I'm weepy today thinking about how lucky we are, to have Nash in our lives.  We are so proud and honored to call him our son.

This is also the time to start some of our own little birthday family traditions.  I read about this idea in which every year, on their birthday you take a picture of your child first thing in the a.m., when they are still in bed.  So, we don't have year no. 1, but here's to the start of this new tradition.  Eventually, it will be fun to look back on all the pictures.

Did I mention that Nash is not a morning person?

And of course the new traditions of the sign!
This sign is BIG

That's better.