Friday, October 11, 2013

My Itsy Bitsy Spider

Nash is at the perfect age for holidays.  Halloween was no exception.  We took full advantage of having a costume early this year. All in all he got to wear it on 3 separate occasions!  I'd say the price of this not-so-homemade costume was well worth it! Another highlight? I took Nash to the dentist on Halloween and because of the fluoride treatment he didn't even have to brush his teeth after eating all the sweets.   Here are some pics from the fun adventures.  I have to admit I was pretty proud of my face painting skills. 
Fun face painting with grandma
Halloween parade at school 

Here he is checking out the teeth on his baby bear. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Florida Fun with Friends

We recently took a trip to Daytona Beach with our good friends the Rambeck's.  We spent 4 days basking in the warm Florida sun.  Nash loved every minute he could be outside scooping endless amounts of sand, swimming in the ocean and the condo pool.  We are very grateful that Bret's dad and his wife Bev let us use their timeshare.  The location was perfect and we all had a blast! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chuseok-giving thanks Korean style

Chuseok is the Korean holiday equivalent to our Thanksgiving.  We celebrated this year at our abode.  The day involved lots of good friends, great Korean food, fun crafts and a yummy ice cream cake! These boys are just growing up way too fast.