Friday, May 10, 2013

My Boys and Their Teeth

How funny that literally in my last post about Leo I was writing about the "unexpected update" we would receive if he manged to get himself into a pickle! We learned through an update this week that he chipped a bottom baby tooth.  He was trying to walk and fell. I have to laugh because it really was something so minor. I wouldn't bat an eye at if it happened on my watch.  Nonetheless, I appreciate FM's honesty in reporting the issue. The part I find hilarious (I'm allowed to laugh because it stated in the report he didn't even cry), is the social worker sent a close-up of the injury and that's it.  It came with a short letter explaining what had happened and then this picture.  I guess it's better than nothing?

That reminds me...a few months ago we took Nash to the dentist for the first time (nice transition, huh?).  I meant to blog about it but how fitting that it fits right into this theme. I took the advice of my mommy friends and brought Nash to a pediatric dentist.  I'm the mom that typically does not cater to stuff like that (i.e. bringing Nash to get a haircut at a place that is all fun, games, movies, etc.).  I'm of the opinion that kids are too spoiled when it comes to just doing life expected events (haircuts, doctor visits, etc).  In the end, I'm glad we saw a pediatric dentist.  He got the chance to see and observe other kids getting their teeth looked at, and the dental hygienist was really patient and was obviously used to dealing with kids. Nash received an A+ for oral hygiene.  But the funny thing is, a series of X-ray revealed he is permanently missing two bottom incisors.  Normally, we have four teeth in between our canines but Nash only has two, and only will ever have two.  I just never even noticed it before.  The dentist said it won't propose any problems so that was a relief! 

I seriously can't even see the chip!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

All aboard the potty train

It was time.  Nash was ready to leave the diapers in his rear-view-mirror and join the ranks of being a "big guy" (when we say he's a "big boy" he corrects us by saying "big guy").  The story of Nash from diapers to underwear is so anti-climatic.  I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect that it would be this....easy?  For the past few months, he had periodically been going on the potty.  Nash was extremely motivated by M&M's so we went with it.  It was decided that after we returned from Hawaii, it was time to take the final plunge (no pun intended).  I must admit the first day (Sunday) might have been a bit rough.  Note to self-I think it's time to buy a new living room rug.  The next day, we sent him to school in his underwear.  We said "good luck" to his teachers and left Nash to the toilet wolves.  I think I left like 5 sets of new underwear and pants.  But after just one week, he's got it.  Are there some accidents...of course a few.  But this past weekend, we were all about town and he managed to tell us every time he had to go, even at Bret's soccer game...of course to my horror there were only outhouses. I had to refrain from using "gross" and "yucky" because I didn't want him to be too scarred to go in one. It was funny because he couldn't understand why there wasn't anyplace to flush. I just kept saying, "don't touch anything!".

So with lots of M&M's in his belly (and in mine too), Nash seems to be fully adjusted to using the potty. We are so proud of him and selfishly happy for us!