Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Much to be Thankful for…

Thanksgiving is a good time of the year to count and remember all your blessings.  This year, we have so much to be thankful for.  We are happy, healthy and getting so close to bringing our little boy home.  Along with the new pictures, we also received a written update on Nash.  He is doing so well!  We received a lovely letter from our Korean social-worker, Ms. Hwan.  She wrote a lot in detail about Nash’s life at 16 months.  

What has Nash been doing?  In no particular order:

Walking and running really well.  He is very independent and likes to climb stair using a railing (not using the help of any one's hand).
He loves to roam around in wide open spaces, exploring and touching all things new.  He has no time for piggy-back rides or rides in strollers.
Loves to eat noodles and rice, and fruit is his favorite.
Likes to get his way (I mean who doesn’t?)  I guess when things don’t go his way he likes to let Foster mom know by crying so hard he almost faints.  Yes, that is what the letter said.  I’m hoping that information got lost in translation!
Likes to stack blocks, babble and mimics his foster family.

Time really is moving fast.  And I’m sure the holidays will be no different.  Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes.  Have a great Thanksgiving!  And just remember to count all of your blessings, too.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Was Picasso ambidextrous?

I love the 6th of every other month.  Why do you ask? Because it typically has meant updates on Nash!  (Ok, I know today is the 7th but yesterday was a Sunday so that does not count).  We got these three adorable new pictures of Nash showing off his artistic skills, using both hands no less!  I have to say, I really loves these pictures of him doing an activity (note to self to pack that little elpha-etsy sketch for the plane ride!).  Here are a few of my motherly observations (in no particular order).
1. OMG, that hair.  Totally already stressing about who I'll let cut it.  His hair is so amazing that I'm thinking I can keep it a little longer and have lots of fun styling it vs. the typical buzz cut.  I guess I'll have to keep tabs on the Biebs to see what the hair trends are for boys.
2. He is looking so independent.  Sitting all by himself at the kids table.  I hope this does not mean that I won't get any cuddles. 
3. Is he right handed or left?  He is going to keep us guessing!
4. I think he is wearing nail polish.  I'm anticipating the next updated pictures he might be wearing bows in his hair?  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Too funny.
5. He is 16 months!  Just crazy.  We probably won't get another update until January.  But I keep thinking, January!!!  Which means we will be so close to travel that it might actually be our last update.

Right Handed Skills.
Left handed skills

Deep in thought about his next inspiration.