Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Summer Rewind-2013

I'm really behind on blogging our end of summer adventures! I can't believe it's mid September already.  I'm happy time is flying because that means we must be that much closer to brining Leo home.  The end of summer was just as busy as the beginning.  Here are some pics from Nash's first trip to the MN State Fair and time in Duluth.  Another amazing summer with our favorite little man.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ivy Allison

My baby sister had her second baby! A girl named Ivy Allison! Yes, it's not a typo this little angel was named after yours truly.  The use of my name was a total surprise and just icing on the cake! She weighed under 6 lbs but is growing everyday.  Cousin Nolan seems to be adjusting to having to share the attention and we are overjoyed that Ivy is rounding out the cousins as the youngest.  Leo will be the second youngest. We were able to visit and get some photos just days after she was born.  Nash didn't say too much about her for she looks like a doll his classmates play with at school.  Grandma Berg tried to give Nash my cabbage patch kid but clearly his maternal instincts have not set in. (It's ok Nash, take your time having kids.  Say like when you are married, through med school, and have a well established 401k).