Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WW: Care Package No. 2

We received almost everything back that we sent Nash.  It's fun to log and take pictures
of the packages because you end up sending so many you forget what you sent!
Currently, I'm obsessed with stripes.  The outfits are courtesy of Grandma Berg!  Thanks, Grandma!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vacation for Two

Last week, Bret and I packed our bags and headed to the Bahamas.  Let me say, leading up to this trip, I was filled with anxiety.  Anxiety about leaving Nash for the first time.  To date, we had yet to spend a night apart.  From everything I read and heard from other adoptive parents, your not suppose to leave your child until he goes to college.  But, we couldn't pass up a free trip!  Judge away (selfish parents we are!).  Nash has never displayed any sort of separation anxiety.  Transitions are hard for all kids, but Nash (unfortunately) is an expert at transitions.  He's had more in one lifetime at two years of age than many of us do as adults.  I truly feel secure in our attachment and ultimately knew Nash could handle us leaving.  For weeks leading up to our departure, we talked with Nash a lot about us leaving for a "work trip".  Bret has had to travel periodically for work so when he is gone, Nash seemed to understand that daddy was on an airplane and he would return.  Nash seems to do better when we talk a lot about upcoming situations.  He likes to know what to expect, even if I'm leaving to run an errand, I always give him notice.  This seems to help with the separation.  The plan was to keep Nash's routine the same.  My mom came and stayed at house so Nash could attend his daycare everyday.  So do you think everything ended up as planned?  Nope.  My mom managed to get through a snow storm, Nash coming down with a fever and our dog who only used the basement as a bathroom (seems Butch was upset we left too).  I'm proud of how well Nash did under the circumstances.  It was not ideal but he was a trooper, not to mention how much my mom was a trooper!  She did her best to reassure me that everything was ok. 

We missed Nash like crazy-cakes.  I was ready to come home on Wednesday (we left Monday).  I realized that 4 nights was too long, but a weekend getaway would be perfect.  I'm sure we will try to squeeze one of those in prior to Leo joining our family.  It was great for Bret and I to spend some alone time together, even though most of the conversations revolved around Nash.  I mean, what in the world did we talk about before Nash?  Must have been something for 6 years.

I'll let the pictures from our trip speak to the details. Lots of sun, food, tropical drinks and R&R.  The best part?  In April, we get to do it all over again but this time, Nash gets to come with!  We, along with both grandma's, are heading to Maui.  Jealous? Well, let me remind you that we have to endure a 8 hour flight with a 2.5 year old.  Still jealous?