Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One Year Later....

It has been so long since I blogged it took me 50 tries to remember my blogger password. I'm not sure if this is the start of regular posts but we managed to get a new computer and I'm trying to find excuses to use it! I couldn't possibly recap an entire year.  I will tell you that Leo is in full-on-terror three-year old mode! Nash is doing really well and I will say will for sure be ready for Kindergarten next year (summer bday we decided to wait). The boys have adjusted to their new schools and currently their lives revolve around Legos. It's fun to see their interests evolve and Leo just follows Nash's every move. Over the past year they have developed a deep brotherly bond, which is wonderful and also scary (gang up mode!). Only days until Christmas and this year we are celebrating in our new house.  The boys are healthy and growing up so fast, makes you want to just make sure you appreciate every phase (even the not-so-fun) ones.  

This year had its up and downs, we lost Bret's dad to cancer this fall. It still seems surreal that he is gone and life just isn't the same without Barry. We miss him everyday and we don't take any moment we can spend with our loved ones for granted.  

The pictures were taken this fall. Funny story- Leo peed his pants 10 minutes into the photo session and I forgot to bring back-up pants. Needless to say THANK GAWD for photo shop and it will make a fun story to tell him someday.  

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