Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Introducing Leo Richard MinSoo Larson

We are officially a family of four! We are all in Korea and Leo officially joined our family on December 1st. I've been super lazy with updating this blog. Due to other means of social media the blog has takes the most time and time to sit and focus is not something I'm finding a lot of time of! Leo is doing really well. We have not seen a lot of tears or grieving yet. Let's call it the "honeymoon period". Leo is enjoying having a big brother. Will follow Nash around and try to hug him all the time. For those of you that know Nash... He does not dole the hugs out to just anyone. So far my observations about Leo and Nash is they couldn't be more different. Our entire experience with adopting Leo couldn't be more different from Nash. I love this actually. Each experience has been amazing and wonderful and each have different stories. (Well there is one thing that was the same... Both Leo and Nash fell out of bed the first night while sleeping with us, oops hence why we don't typically let our kids sleep with us.  Nash loves to hear this story so hopefully Leo will too). 

Leo is so smart. Already saying English words and mimicking us. Loves to say "tunnel, chicka chicka boom boom, bumble bee, mommy, daddy". He loves playing with his toy cars and insists on loading up his arms with as many as possible when heading out the door or to bed. He talks all the time in Korean. We are learning some catch phrases to say to him but mostly doing know what he is trying to say. He is being very patient with us so far. Not getting too frustrated by the lack of communication. Leo loves playing with other kids and freely engages with them and shares his toys. He is going to be a little social butterfly and feel so lucky we have 2 boys in our neighborhood who are exactly the same age. 

We are all tired. Nash's sleeping schedule is as follows, 3-midnight. Thanks goodness for Grandma Sandy who has been getting up with him. Nash has been such a trooper. Really adjusting well. We had the amazing experience of visiting with Nash's foster mom and dad. The people that raised him from birth to 21 months. I'll dedicate a post just to this. 

Finally we can post pictures of Leo!!!! We are over joyed to be together with Leo and our family is complete (yes.....complete). 


  1. Amazing and adorable!! I am so happy for you and your family!! :) :) :)

  2. Everything sounds amazing! Glad you get to enjoy both of your boys' unique personalities in person at last. Love ya!