Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nash--Journey Back

Bret and I were totally on the fence about whether or not we would bring Nash with on either of our two trips. I seriously mulled over this decision for a year. We ultimately decided that we would bring him back on the second trip when we brought Leo home. I'm actually writing this post on our last leg of our journey home. Leo is sleeping beside me and Nash is complaining that Leo is using his stuffed duck as a pillow. Common theme over the past week. However, Nash has really been amazing (and I can say this when I'm completely exhausted and sleep deprived). Would bring Nash with again in a heart beat. Having him with has defiantly comforted Leo. Nash is slowly warming up to his big bro role. He is being so patient while Leo steals all the toys from his hand, or reaches in for what looks like a hug and ends up being a right hook. All of the sudden Nash went from being my baby to being the older brother. Life is hard for any older sibling when's new brother or sister comes into the mix. I might be biased but I think it's even more difficult in situations like ours. Nash has literally been thrown into the sibbling trenches and Leo has declared war. Into everything that was his, add a language barrier, and pining for all our attention, and not to mention Leo's current "free pass" on unruly behavior.  I'm just so proud of him (bah! I need to stop crying this guy who is sitting next to me on our flight is seriously going to regret giving me his free in-flight wi-if). 

Nash's journey back to Korea was special for so many reasons but the highlight had to be meeting with his foster mom and dad. They were over joyed to see him and it was wonderful to be able to have a meaningful dialog exchange (thru translator of course). We shared videos, pictures, and stories. Nash even let them hug him (gasp!). Nash's foster mom only ever fostered him. I wanted to ask her why this was. Was it too painful to raise a child then have to say goodbye? Or was it that Nash was such a handful that it proved to be too much? I guess we will never know but I think it was the first. The love they had for him is so special. 

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